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Represent your school in style with a custom letterman jacket. It’s easy to order, and we’ll help you design the jacket—for free.


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The stories about your game-winning touchdown or championship loss to the referees now have a place to call home. Our letter jacket is built on the idea that it should be worn for decades. And your unique design will be the conversation starter you’ve always wanted.

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Whatever sport or activity you earned a varsity letter for, we’ll help you show it off with a custom jacket, unique design, and more.

Match your school’s colors

Custom design or stock patches

Personalized jacket style

Wool or leather sleeves


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

How much does a letterman jacket cost?

The traditional letterman jacket—which includes a wool body, leather sleeves, and choice of collar—is $220. You can then customize this jacket with a hood, patches, or embroidery (view pricing). More economical jackets are available: wool sleeves ($170 or $200 with hood), and polytex sleeves ($117 or $147 with hood). All jackets have a wool body.  Please call to discuss all the options available.

How long does it take to make a jacket?

The total time from initial purchase to delivery is 5 weeks. During the 5 weeks, you will have time to work with our experts to help design your jacket. After 3 weeks, when the custom jacket leaves the factory, we will begin the embroidery. If the design is not finished at this time, delivery of the jacket may be delayed until we receive an approval to begin embroidery.

Do you have any stock varsity jackets?

We have a limited selection of stock jackets that may not match your school’s colors. These jackets take 3 weeks to receive once the design is approved, and are available in leather sleeves, or polytex sleeves (see prices below). Call to confirm availability, but typically we have a few colors available: (body/sleeves) black/dark red, Navy blue/white, and green/white

What patches or embroidery do you offer?

Custom patches and embroidery are available for your letter jacket. Our artisans can turn any idea or drawing into a design and do direct embroidery in-house. Through this, you can tell a story about your high school journey. Common themes include sports, band, clubs, or memories. Anything really. You can view our jacket gallery for examples.


Need a quote? Quotes for custom orders are provided for free and can be obtained by calling us at (209) 223-1353

Letterman jacket

  • Wool sleeves$170
  • Leather sleeves$220
  • Leather sleeves and hood$250
  • Tall body or sleeves$15
  • Tall body and sleeves$25

Patches (purchase)

  • Four digit year$30
  • Large number$7
  • Small number$5
  • Weight bar$20

Patches (sewing)

  • On body$6
  • Pocket or sleeve$7
  • Lower sleeve$8
  • Captain stars$3
  • Small sports$2

Letterman sweater

  • No sleeve stripes$115
  • Left or right sleeve stripes$115
  • Both sleeve stripes$115

Embroidery (letters)

  • Front letters$2.5
  • Lowercase back letters$3.5
  • Uppercase back letters$4
  • Blaze letters$7

Embroidery (design)

  • Stitches (in^2)$1-$1.6
  • Digitizing$65-$150
  • Stock design$15

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